Sonoran Labrador Retrievers Breeding Program

Our Goals-Your Goals

When we decided to start our breeding program, we asked ourselves what WE would look for in purchasing a quality dog. Then we set out to make sure that we met those requirements!

First, we need to know what the dog’s purpose is. How will I be using the dog and what is expected? Basically, this can be narrowed down in to three components:

  • Sport Dogs
  • Show Dogs
  • Companion Dogs

Second, we need to know the dog’s temperament. The key here is to have a dog whose temperament matches the dog’s purpose. It is also of extreme importance that the dogs not display signs of aggression. After all, the dog is going to be a family companion and aggressive behavior is not permitted!

Third, we want a sound dog, free of hereditary defects and genetic irregularities. This is important not only for the quality of life for the dog, but for the owner’s pocket book. We have no desire to pay costly vet bills for bad elbows or eye problems that could have been prevented by the breeder.

Fourth, we want to purchase our dog from a quality breeder with a clean and pleasant facility. We have seen all too many times animals that are breed and raised in deplorable conditions.

Finally, we want a guarantee. We want to know that the breeder of this dog is confident enough in the quality of the dog to provide us with a written guarantee.

Our breeding program

Sonoran Labrador Retrievers Breeding Program Once we determined what our breeding goals were, we then had to research and find quality breeding stock. This proved to be harder than we expected. There are a lot of low quality high-risk dogs for sale out there! And we certainly do not want to add to the mix. So, in order to “breed quality”, you must “start with quality”. So we set out on a search for dogs that met our stringent requirements. And we finally found them! We now have a wonderful array of dogs that exhibit the traits we were looking for and we continue to search for new dogs every day!

All of our dogs are raised with our families. Temperament is of the utmost importance. If we cannot trust our dogs with our family and children, they don’t belong in our breeding program.

It is our intention to provide only quality dogs. As such, we choose not to “in-breed” or “line-breed” our dogs. Although these are accepted practices to some breeders and have some advantages, we believe that the chance of hereditary disorders and genetic defects are too great.

It is also important for us that your puppy buying experience be a pleasant one. We understand that not only is this a large financial obligation, most likely the dog will become a member of your family. We take pride in our kennel and training facility. We make sure that our kennels are sanitized and cleaned and our dogs are groomed regularly. Our customers generally come to us via word of mouth, so it is very important to us that you are happy with your experience.

All of our puppies are examined by licensed veterinarians prior to sale. All puppies will be wormed, current on shots, and have their dewclaws removed. In addition, each puppy comes with a “welcome package”. This includes all of the puppies paperwork, food samples, water/food bowls, treats, etc. and tons of other useful information. And of course, our puppies come with a 30-month written guarantee.

We have gone to great lengths to provide you with a quality puppy as well as a memorable puppy purchase. We know that without you, our puppies would not have a home. That is why we rely on your input. If you notice anything that might help us better serve you or if you have thoughts or ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know. We strive each and every day to make our program better and with your help, we can make sure all of our puppies find the right home!