Basic Obedience

Basic obedience is the building block for all of the skills that your dog can and will learn.Set in the right environment your dog will accomplish the hurdles of basic obedience in a very efficient manner. At Sonoran Labrador Retrievers we devote our time and knowledge to help you and your dog through this endeavor.

The following are some requirements and explanations that can set you on the track to the well-behaved dog.

Requirements:Basic Obedience

  • Pup should have a willingness to learn.
  • Pup should be age appropriate for the level of obedience you desire.
  • Pup should have had no other training. (Base price is for un-trained dog. There are additional fees to correct failed or incorrect training.)
  • You will need to have the willingness to continue to train and time spent in training.

At Sonoran Labrador Retrievers there are several verbal commands that our dogs are to adhere to. Below is a list of the verbal commands that we train. These are the commands that your graduate of our basic obedience program will master (age appropriate).

With the extended basic obedience program whistle commands accompany several of those below.

  • Heel – This command is taught first your dog’s shoulder will line up with your pant seam.
  • Sit – Sit along with sit-stay are taught.
  • Here – Dog to return to you no matter where they are.
  • Kennel – We use this to mean away. Go somewhere, the car, truck, or your crate.
  • Play – Release command you are free until another command is given