Advanced Hunter

Advanced HunterThere is a greater emphasis placed on the dog being under control in less formal situations. Greater exposure to decoys, calls, birds, boats, and guns.


  • Pup should have completed Intermediate Hunter.
  • Pup should be age appropriate for the level of obedience you desire.
  • Pup should have basic obedience training.
  • You will need to have the willingness to continue to train and time spent in training.

At Sonoran Labrador Retrievers our desire is to make proficient hunters out of your dog. We are able to achieve this by taking individual time with each dog and making sure that they have learned the skills on the right. We make sure all training is done with a kind hand and your dog’s desire to please left intact.

Dog will be proficient in these commands/skills thanks to our pro trainers

  • Boat Training
  • Hunt Simulations
  • Enforced Commands
  • Line Drills
  • Quartering
  • Casting
  • Force on “Back”
  • Double/Triple Retrieves
    • Land
    • Water
  • Field days with bird

Call for program length and schedule.